Mini iniative process

How is a mini initiative created?

A ticket should come in to the relevant issue tracker as usual. This ticket will then be triaged as per the normal process in the daily stand up. If the amount of work involved is more than a couple of days of person hours then it will be put forward and tagged as a mini intiative with more information requested if needed.

How to find a mini initiative?

Search for the mini initiative tag on the relevant tracker

How is this scoped?

The requester should be asked to provide as much info as possible when the ticket is first being triaged. The team will discuss it at daily stand up and estimate if it fits as a mini initiative. If the workload seems to big it can be changed to an initiative request.

How are the mini initiatives prioritised?

The infra & releng team have regular planning meetings, prior to each of these a poll will be carried out in the CPE team to determine the priority of the mini-initiatives and they will be worked on based on that order.

How is the work carried out?

When a mini-initiative is started there should be a Person of Contact assigned to the ticket. This person may not necessarily do all the work but should be responsible for tracking the work and answering questions on the ticket, they will essentially act as the owner of the ticket.

It is also desirable that this person should post to the appropriate lists that they are going to start work on the mini-initiative. This might allow interested people who want to help or just learn about it to join in and work on it too. Community involvemennt is encouraged.

Mini-initiatives are not first priority in the team but as it is work that needs to be done the person who takes it on will need to be able to commit a reasonable amount of time to it providing there are no major fires which interrupt the work