Planet Subgroup Infrastructure SOP

Fedora’s planet infrastructure produces planet configs out of users' ~/.planet files in their homedirs on You can also create subgroups of users into other planets. This document explains how to setup new subgroups.

Contact Information


Fedora Infrastructure Team






provide easy setup of new planet groups on


The Setup

  1. On batcave01:

    cp -a configs/system/planet/grouptmpl configs/system/planet/newgroupname
  2. cd to the new directory

  3. Run:

    perl -pi -e "s/%%groupname/newgroupname/g" fpbuilder.conf base_config planet-group.cron templates/*

    Replacing newgroupname with the groupname you want

  4. git add the whole dir

  5. Edit manifests/services/planet.pp

  6. Copy and paste everything from begging to end of the design team group, to use as a template.

  7. Modify what you copied replacing design with the new group name

  8. Save it

  9. Check everything in

  10. Run ansible on planet and check if it works


Tell the requester to then copy their current .planet file to .planet.newgroupname. For example with the design team:

cp ~/.planet ~/

This will then show up on the new feed