Fedora is applying to be a GSoC mentoring organization.

If you are a student looking forward to participating in Google Summer of Code with Fedora, please feel free to browse this idea list. There may be additional ideas added during the application period.

Now please go read the What Can I do Today section of the main page. This has the answers to your questions and tells you how to apply

Do not hesitate to contact the mentors or contributors listed on this page for any questions or clarification. You can find helpful people on the IRC channel, or use the mailing list. can be used for getting help with programming problems.

Supporting Mentors

The following contributors are available to provide general help and support for the GSoC program If a specific project mentor is busy, you can contact one of the people below for short-term help on your project or task. add yourselves and your wiki page).

  • Sumantro Mukherjee (General development, general Linux,Fedora community, GSoC alumnus, questions about program, misc. advice)

  • Vipul Siddharth (Fedora CI,GCI,GSoC,general linux,Fedora community, misc.)

Idea list

Ideas are subject to change as additional mentors are onboarded.

Currently, Fedora Project is looking out for Projects and mentors. The call for project and mentors will be closing end of Feburary 2021. Please stay tuned as this section will be updated as we close in the timelines.