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Printing and Scanning

Added support for driverless printing with Dymo LabelWriter and Zebra ZPL printers

Fedora now ships the lprint package, which provides driverless support for Dymo LaberWriter and Zebra ZPL label printers. Other label printer support is currently untested with lprint, but it is planned to be implemented if hardware is available.

lprint is capable of running with CUPS or without CUPS and it provides its own web UI.

Added driverless scanning support for devices with WSD and eSCL protocols

Fedora now ships the sane-airscan package, which provides driverless support for scanners and multi-functions devices, which supports the WSD (WS-Scan) and eSCL (Apple Airscan) protocols.

Most newer devices (released approximately around 2013 and newer) implement at least one of the protocols, so newer devices don’t need to depend on regular SANE backends or third party binaries such as HPLIP plugin.