Changes (Submitting) SoP

This document describes the process of submitting Changes to FESCo.


Submit Changes one week after the proposal is announced.


After a week of discussion (or longer if the discussion is still productively active), submit it to FESCo for approval.

  1. Open an issue with the Change proposal template

    1. Use Change: <title> as the issue title

    2. Replace the angle bracketed fields as appropriate

    3. Set the Assignee of the issue to be the first person listed on the proposal

    4. Set the system-wide change or self-contained change tag as appropriate

    5. Set the Milestone as appropriate

  2. In the proposal wiki page

    1. Replace the ChangeAnnounced category with ChangeReadyForFesco

    2. Add the FESCo ticket URL in the Current status section

  3. Update the Friday’s Fedora Facts entry