Create etcd backup

This SOP should be followed in the following scenarios:
  • When the need exists to create an etcd backup.

  • When shutting a cluster down gracefully.


Take etcd backup

  1. Connect to the os-control01 node associated with the ENV.

  2. Use the oc tool to make a debug connection to a controlplane node

    oc debug node/<node_name>
  3. Chroot to the /host directory on the containers filesystem

    sh-4.2# chroot /host
  4. Run the script and pass in the location to save the backup to

    sh-4.4# /usr/local/bin/ /home/core/assets/backup
  5. Chown the backup files to be owned by user core and group core

    chown -R core:core /home/core/assets/backup
  6. From the admin machine, see inventory group: ocp-ci-management, become the Openshift service account, see the inventory hostvars for the host identified in the previous step and note the ocp_service_account variable.

    ssh <host>
    sudo su - <ocp_service_account>
  7. Copy the files down to the os-control01 machine.

    scp -i <ssh_key> core@<node_name>:/home/core/assets/backup/* ocp_backups/