How to report i3 bugs on Fedora

Fedora i3 SIG

Did you find a bug on i3 in Fedora? Not sure where to take your feedback? This page explains where you should go with bugs, feature requests, and other feedback about i3 on Fedora.

i3 bugs

Bugs about i3 itself should be reported upstream

Sometimes things do not work the way you expect in i3. Like any software, bugs exist. The i3 community is good at addressing bugs and adding new features.

Use the i3 GitHub issue tracker to take feedback and report bugs directly to the i3 team. This will get you the fastest turn-around if a bug lies with i3.

Fedora package bugs

Report bugs with the Fedora i3 package to Red Hat Bugzilla

How to file a Fedora Bugzilla bug

The i3 package in Fedora (and other related packages) aim to follow upstream as much as possible. However, sometimes there are differences with upstream and the Fedora Packaging Guidelines. If you suspect a problem exists with the Fedora i3 package, but not i3 itself, you need to alert the Fedora package maintainer.

Use Red Hat Bugzilla to report a Fedora package bug to the responsible Fedora maintainer. The Fedora maintainer may also refer the problem upstream if it is warranted.

Fedora i3 Spin (from official ISO)

Make suggestions and report problems with the official Fedora i3 Spin on Pagure

This only applies to people using the official Fedora i3 .iso, either built manually by the Fedora i3 SIG or automatically by Fedora Infrastructure.

Does something look wrong? Could something be better tweaked or customized for a default i3 install? Or is there a related software that is not yet packaged officially in Fedora? For all concerns, ideas, and issues with the look-and-feel and default options of the i3 Spin, open a ticket with the Fedora i3 SIG on Pagure.

The Fedora i3 Spin Pagure repo is the best place to get the attention of the wider i3 community in Fedora, and get feedback on ideas and suggestions from other i3 users.