Nuancier SOP

Nuancier is the web application used by the design team and the community to submit and vote on the supplemental wallpapers provided with each version of Fedora.

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Fedora Infrastructure Team





nuancier01, nuancier02, nuancier01.stg, nuancier02.stg


Provide a system to submit and vote on supplemental wallpapers

Create a new election

  • Login

  • Go to the Admin panel via the menu at the top

  • Click on Create a new election

  • Complete the form:

    Election name

    A short name used in all the pages, most often since we have one election per release it has been of the form Fedora XX

    Name of the folder containing the pictures

    This just links the election with the folder where the images will be uploaded on disk. Keep it simple, safe, something like fXX will do.


    The year when the election will be happening, this will just give some quick sorting option

    Submission start date (in UTC)

    The date from which the people will be able to submit wallpapers for the election. The submission starts on the exact day at midnight UTC.

    Start date (in UTC)

    The date when the election starts (and thus the submissions end). There is no buffer between when the submissions end and when the votes start which means admins have to keep up with the submissions as they are done.

    End date (in UTC)

    The date when the election ends. There are no embargo on the results, they are available right after the election ends.

    URL to claim a badge for voting

    The URL at which someone can claim a badge. This URL is displayed on the voting page as well as ones people have voted. Which means that having the badge does not ensure people voted, at max it ensures people visited nuancier during a voting phase.

    Number of votes an user can make

    The number of wallpapers an user can choose/vote on. This was made as they was a debate in the design team if having everyone vote on all 16 wallpapers was a good idea or not.

    Number of candidate an user can upload

    Restricts the number of wallpapers an user can submit for an election to prevent people from uploading tens of wallpapers in one election.

Review an election

Admins must do that regularly during a submission phase to avoid candidates from piling up.

  • Login

  • Go to the Admin panel via the menu at the top

  • Find the election of interest in the list and click on Review

If the images are not showing, you can generate the thumbnails using the button (Re-)generate cache.

On the review page, you will be able to filter the candidates by Approved, Pending, Rejected or see them All (default).

You can then check the images one by one, select their checkbox and then either Approve or Deny all the ones you selected.

Rejections must be motivated in the Reason for rejection / Comments input field. This motivation is then sent by email to the user explaining why a wallpaper they submitted was not accepted into the election.

Vote on an election

Once an election is opened, a link announcing it will be available from the front page and in the page listing the elections (Elections tab in the menu) a green check-mark will appear on the Votes column while a red forbidden sign will appear on the Submissions column.

You can then click on the election name which will take you on the voting page.

There, enlarge the image by clicking on them and make your choice by clicking on the bottom right corner of the image.

On the column on the right the total number of vote available will appear. If you need to change remove a wallpaper from your selection, simply click on it in the right column.

As long as you have not picked the maximum number of candidates allowed, you can cast your vote multiple times (but not on the same candidates of course).

View all the candidates of an election

All the candidates of an election are only accessible once the election is over. If you wish to see all the images uploaded, simply go to the Elections tab and click on the election name.

View the results of an election

The results of an election are accessible immediately after the end of it. To see them, simply click the Results tab in the menu.

There you can click on the name of the election to see the wallpaper ordered by their number of votes or on stats to view some stats about the election (such as the number of participants, the number of voters, votes or the evolution of the votes over time).


Nuancier uses a gluster volume shared between the two hosts (in prod and in stg) where are stored the images, making sure they are available to both frontends. This may make things a little trickier sometime, be aware of it.