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GNOME 3.24: Portland

The GNOME 3 desktop environment has been upgraded to GNOME 3.24. This new version includes a number of major new features and enhancements, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • Nocne Światło to nowa funkcja, subtelnie zmieniająca kolor ekranu w zależności od pory dnia, która może pomóc zmniejszyć bezsenność podczas korzystania z komputera w nocy.

  • Weather information is now included in the notifications area to show a simple summary of the day’s weather, and links to the Weather application.

  • Other GNOME applications that have been improved for 3.24 include Web, Photos, Polari, Games, Calendar and the Calculator.

Więcej szczegółowych informacji na temat GNOME 3.24 można znaleźć w odnośniku:[informacje o wydaniu].

New Spin: LXQt Desktop

Fedora LXQt provides a lightweight, well-integrated LXQt desktop environment. In addition to LXQt itself, it provides a small, well selected collection of applications, such as the QupZilla browser, which combines the rendering engine frtom Chromium with a nice Qt experience. As all applications use the same Qt5 toolkit and the Breeze theme known from KDE, the desktop provides a unified and well-integrated style and theming. In addition, breeze-gtk is provided to allow the user to integrate GTK applications too.

The LXQt Desktop spin is available for download from

To contact other LXQt users and maintainers of the LXQt spin, connect to the #fedora-lxqt IRC channel on or send an email to the LXQt List at

Fontconfig Cache Moved to /usr

Prior to this update, the fontconfig cache files were placed in the /var/cache/fontconfig directory. This location was incompatible with the OStree model used by Fedora Atomic, which prevented using the same package for Atomic and other Fedora variants. To fix this incompatibility, the cache files have been moved to /usr/lib/fontconfig/cache.