Jenkins Fedmsg SOP

Send information about Jenkins builds to fedmsg.

Contact Information


Ricky Elrod, Fedora Infrastructure Team



Reinstalling when it disappears

For an as-of-yet unknown reason, the plugin sometimes seems to disappear, though it still shows as "installed" on Jenkins.

To re-install it, grab fedmsg.hpi from /srv/web/infra/bigfiles/jenkins. Go to the Jenkins web interface and log in. Click Manage JenkinsManage PluginsAdvanced. Upload the plugin and on the page that comes up, check the box to have Jenkins restart when running jobs are finished.

Configuration Values

These are written here in case the Jenkins configuration ever gets lost. This is how to configure the jenkins-fedmsg-emit plugin.

Assume the plugin is already installed.

Go to Configure JenkinsSystem Configuration

Towards the bottom, look for Fedmsg Emitter

  • Signing: Checked Fedmsg

  • Endpoint: tcp:// Environment

  • Shortname: prod

  • Certificate File: /etc/pki/fedmsg/

  • Keystore File: /etc/pki/fedmsg/