Gestor do Programa do Fedora

The Fedora Program Manager (or FPgM) is the Chief Operating Officer of the Fedora Project. They are employed full-time by Red Hat to manage the planning and release processes for Fedora Linux. This includes schedule management, change wrangling, and providing status reports to the community and to Red Hat.

Current Program Manager

The role was eliminated in May 2023.

Funções e Responsabilidades

Within the Fedora Project, the Program Manager is primarily responsible for release coordination activities.

Changes Process

  • Shepharding Change proposals through the Changes process

  • Tracking the status of Changes during the development/testing cycle

Release Coordination

  • Scheduling Fedora Linux releases

  • Coordinating release readiness (within QA, Release Engineering, FESCo, etc.)

  • Manage the Spins keepalive process

  • Perform mass updates of bugs at branch and end-of-life time


  • Managing elections for Council, FESCo, and Mindshare

  • Ad-hoc election support for other teams when needed


  • Serve as a member of the Fedora Council

  • Act as Council secretary


  • Advise on the processes in the Fedora Project

  • Provide regular status reports to the community

  • Coordinate the Prioritized Bugs process

  • Manage the processes for removing inactive packagers and inactive provenpackagers


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