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7.5. What's new for amateur radio operators

Fedora 12 includes a number of applications and libraries that are of interest to amateur radio operators and electronic hobbyists. Many of these applications are included in the Fedora Electronic Lab spin. Interesting applications may also be found under Circuit Design, Embedded Development, and Science and Mathematics. For a complete list of amateur radio applications available within Fedora see Applications for amateur radio at on the wiki.
В этом разделе в общих чертах рассказывается о важных изменениях в этих приложениях со времени последнего выпуска Fedora. Для получения полной информации по всем изменениям, большим или незначительным, обратитесь к таблицам в конце этого документа.
hamlib has added support for:
  • NRD-525
  • Kenwood TRC-80
  • Winradio G305/G315
  • Yaseau FT2000 и FTDX-9000
In addition to a number of bug fixes, xlog now includes a feature to ease handling of unknown countries. When "Tools -> Find unknown countries" is selected, xlog will show a list of contacts for which DXCC lookup fails. You can then correct this by using a "DXCC-" string in the awards column.