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IBus 1.5.25

IBus 1.5.25 will use the transfiletriggerin script to generate the cache file instead of the posttrans script. Previously, each IBus language engine has run the posttrans script to run ibus write-cache to cache their component files in /usr/share/ibus/component whenever the package is installed. Now, ibus write-cache is moved to the transfiletriggerin script in IBus core package and the script will be executed only one time per the Fedora installation.

In IBus 1.5.25, the compose file supports the include directive in the user compose file ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ibus/Compose, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/Compose or $HOME/.XCompose)

IBus compose feature now follows the GTK4 compose pre-edit style.

The emoji shortcut key is now Ctrl-period to follow the latest GTK convention. However, this is customizable with ibus-setup utility.

Enhanced Inscript as default Indic IM

The recommended default input method for Indic languages will be changed from Inscript to Enhanced Inscript keymaps.

We already have Enhanced Inscript keyboard layouts available in Fedora. But they were implemented some time back as draft implementation. Now they are updated to follow the final released standard of Enhanced Inscript keyboard layout. With this change all Indic languages now default to inscript2 named keymaps.