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System Utilities

RPM 4.18

RPM 4.18 contains various improvements over previous versions, but in particular this release addresses a whole class of symlink handling related security issues, some with CVEs, from 2021. Other notable improvements include:

  • A more intuitive conditional builds macro %bcond

  • A more robust and secure --restore functionality

  • Long-standing %patch quirks fixed

  • Weak dependencies accept qualifiers like meta and pre now

  • New interactive shell for working with macros (rpmspec --shell) and embedded Lua (rpmlua)

  • New %conf spec section for build configuration

  • New rpmuncompress cli tool simplifies unpacking multiple sources

  • Numerous macro improvements and fixes

  • Numerous OpenPGP parser correctness and security fixes

For more detailed information see the upstream RPM 4.18 Release Notes.

Preset all systemd units on first boot

On a Fedora system you booted from an image without the fully populated /etc/ directory (First Boot), systemd will execute an equivalent of the systemctl preset-all command. As a result, units will be enabled or disabled according to the preset configuration.

The systemd service manager will disable any units, to which you manually created symbolic links against the preset rules.

You can use the systemctl preset-all command at any time to apply the preset configuration. If you did not make any prior local changes to the configuration, the command would make no changes to unit state. If you enabled or disabled some units, the command would return unit enablement to the after-installation pristine state.