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Kerberos in Python Modernization

There is an ongoing project to replace python-krbV and pykerberos with python-gssapi in all Fedora packages. python-gssapi uses the GSSAPI interface, which is widely standardized, implemented by both MIT and Heimdal Kerberos, and much more user-friendly.

None of the packages has been removed in Fedora 28 but the following packages should be considered as deprecated:

  • python{2,}-kerberos

  • python2-krbV

  • python-urllib2_kerberos

  • python{2,}-requests-kerberos

Python Module Dependency Generation

Fedora 28 introduces the ability to use an automated Python module dependency generator for packages that provide Python Egg/Wheel metadata. Automatic generation of Provides has been enabled in Fedora since Jun 2016. As a result, all packages that include egg/wheel metadata now have their Provides entries added automatically. With this release, packagers are able to take advantage of automatic generation of Requires entries, removing the need to specify runtime dependencies manually.