i3 Spin Design Goals

Justin W. Flory, Fedora i3 SIG

This page documents Design Goals the SIG always considers to the Fedora i3 Spin. This explains what the Fedora i3 SIG prioritizes and focuses on when working on the Spin.

These Design Goals were first discussed in the 2020-07-21 SIG meeting. A first draft was proposed in i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin#10.

1. Simple is better than complex.

The Fedora i3 Spin will choose simplicity over complexity.

Just because i3 is a Window Manager does not mean it needs to be difficult to do basic computing tasks (e.g. work on a document, connect to the Internet, connect Bluetooth headphones, etc.).

2. Fast is better than features.

The Fedora i3 Spin will choose to be fast, lean, and quick instead of full of features.

We know i3wm is used by people on a variety of hardware, including low-end consumer-grade hardware. We also acknowledge advanced i3wm users often have their own preferences for extra applications. The Fedora i3 Spin should work fast and quick on a variety of consumer hardware.

3. There should be one—and preferably only one—obvious way to do it.

The Fedora i3 Spin will choose to maintain a single obvious way to do basic computing tasks.

For example, bundling two document-editing suites or network connection managers is confusing and disruptive to the user experience. It should be comfortable to use Fedora i3 Spin if you are an experienced Linux user, but new to i3 or window managers.

4. Now is better than never.

The Fedora i3 Spin will choose to try out and experiment with new ideas.

This helps us collect data and info about what to keep doing and what to do less of. Even when we make a mistake, we will address it as expediently as possible, and then keep moving forward.