Inactive Members

The removal from a member from the FAS group is merely an act of acknowledging that someone is no longer active.

We all understand that sometimes we need to take a step away from our volunteer work to focus on other things. This can happen for many reasons, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from volunteering in the Fedora community when required. In such cases, primarily for housekeeping, we remove inactive members from the FAS/Pagure groups.

When community members are able to return, their membership to the groups will be restored. I.e., they will not have to start again from zero. Just as they retain their friends in the Fedora community even when they are away, they also retain the community’s trust when away.

We’d like to note that the intention here is not to "kick people out of the community" at all. We do not mark FAS accounts as inactive---we only update Fedora Join related groups (FAS/Pagure). Please also note that other teams may have their own policies regarding inactive community members.

When the team detects a team member to be inactive, generally for long periods of time (a year or so), we:

  1. ping/nudge/poke the team member to request a status update: to see how they are doing and if we can do anything to help,

  2. open a ticket on the Fedora Join Pagure instance to follow up on progress.

The ping/nudge/poke message could be like this:


Our records indicate that you have not been active in the community for at least a year.

We hope everything is fine. Is there anything we can help with?

If a response indicating inactivity is received (or no response is received at all), the team will:

  1. remove the member from the FAS and Pagure groups,

  2. close the ticket with its status set to "inactive".

The scripts that is used to check for activity can be found here: Fedora Community Stats.