Changes (Processing) SoP

This document describes the process of processing Changes after FESCo’s vote.


Process Changes after the vote is final per FESCo’s ticket policy.


Approved proposals

  1. Note the vote (e.g. "APPROVED (+6,0,-0)") in the comment, if not already recorded

  2. Apply the pending announcement label if the issue is still open. This lets the next meeting chair know to include an announcement of the decision in the agenda

  3. Edit the proposal’s wiki page

    1. Remove the {{Change_Proposal_Banner}} macro

    2. Replace the ChangeReadyForFesco category with ChangeAcceptedF<NN>

  4. Create new bugs with the scripts

    1. Run make version=<NN> type=<SystemWide|SelfContained> build to download and parse the wiki pages

    2. Run make bz to create tracking bugs in Bugzilla. (See warning below for failure cases)

  5. Edit the created bug

    1. Set the assignee to the first person listed on the Change page

    2. Add yourself to the cc field

    3. Set the bug to block the F<NN>Changes tracking bug

    4. Set the bug status to ASSIGNED

  6. Create a Release Notes issue with the Change template.

    1. Use Change: <title> as the issue title

    2. Replace URL HERE with the wiki URL

    3. Set the Milestone appropriately

  7. Add the Bugzilla and Release Notes links to the wiki page

  8. Update the Friday’s Fedora Facts entry

  9. Update the ChangeSet page

    1. In the scripts directory, run:

      1. make clean

      2. make version=<NN> type=<SystemWide|SelfContained> build to regenerate the content

      3. Copy the contents of ChangesList and paste into the appropriate section of the ChangeSet page

  10. If the Change involves a new Spin, add it to the Releases docs.

Bugzilla requires an email address to exist in the system in order to add it to a bug. If an email address listed on a wiki page does not exist in Bugzilla, you will have to update the feature-pages.csv file with the correct address (or remove it and add it later.) If you are processing multiple newly-approved proposals at once, re-running the script after correcting the email address may lead to duplicate bugs. Remove Changes with successful bug creation from feature-pages.csv or finish the above steps for the successful bugs before starting over with the failed bugs.
If the Change involves creating a new Spin, send the owners the Creating a Spin docs. Otherwise, the coordination with Websites et al will probably be overlooked.

Rejected proposals

If a Change proposal is rejected by FESCo:

  1. Add {{Change_Rejected_Banner}} to the proposal’s wiki page below the title

  2. Update the wiki page category to Category:ChangePageIncomplete

  3. If a tracking bug was pre-created, close it with Status CLOSED → DEFERRED.