Current 12-18 Month Community Objectives


The primary role of the Fedora Council is to identify the short, medium, and long term goals of the Fedora community and to organize and enable the project to best achieve them. This section documents the medium-term targets we’ve highlighted (as explained in the Council charter). Each objective has a designated Objective Lead who is responsible for coordinating efforts to reach the Objective’s goals, for evaluating and reporting on progress, and for working regularly with all relevant groups in Fedora to ensure that progress is made.

Proposing an Objective

Any community member can propose an Objective to the Council (discuss on the mailing list and if well-received, file a ticket). Of course, people need to be on board to do the actual work required — an Objective with no passionate implementers won’t get very far.

Current Objectives

Fedora Minimization


Ensuring that software in the Fedora ecosystem has a minimal installation footprint while delivering expected features — so things are small and useful.

Objective Lead

Adam Šamalik


Discovery and experiments around f31, changes landing for f32.

Latest Status Report


Objective Details

Will be appearing in the Fedora Minimization objective space.

History and Future