WordPress Operations

Adding a new user

Do not add new users manually. User accounts are created on login with Fedora Account System credentials.

User details

We use real names on the Magazine for authors. This reflects accountability for posts on a more official Fedora outlet.

Locate the user in the Users control panel, and select Edit. Switch the default display of the user name to first and last name.

User permissions

We use the User Role Editor plugin to manage user permissions at a fine-grained level. There are five roles in our WordPress instance:

  • Administrator This role has the ability to make settings changes and conduct other administrative tasks.

  • Author This role has the ability to create and edit (unpublished) posts, moderate comments, and upload files. Authors may be granted this role, and should be if they are repeat contributors.

  • Contributor This is the default role. This role has the ability to create and edit (unpublished) posts.

  • Editor This role has many abilites, including the ability ot edit published posts and posts by other authors. Magazine editors should have this role.

  • Subscriber This role only allows for reading posts. We probably don’t need to add anyone to this role in general.

Changing a user’s role

  1. Select Users on the left-hand menu

  2. Search or browse for the desired user

  3. Hover over the desired user’s row and click "Edit"

  4. Change the Role dropdown to the desired role

  5. Click the Update User button

Adding an article to a series

Fedora Magazine uses "series" in WordPress to display related articles in a sidebar. This is often used for Copr articles. However, adding an article to a series is not straightforward. In the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Select Posts on the left-hand menu

  2. Search or browse for the desired posts

  3. Click Quick Edit

  4. In the Post Series box, type the name of the desired series

  5. Click Update

If you do not know what the name of the series is, you can look in the Post Series screen. This is located under the Posts section of the left-hand menu.