Current contributor recruitment focus

Fedora always welcomes new contributors in any capacity, but there are certain areas we focus on at a particular time. This serves two purposes: it gives existing contributors a focused set of areas to keep in mind and it helps drive people who want to contribute somehow a guided suggestion.

Diversity & Inclusion team

What they do: The Diversity & Inclusion team works across the project to help foster diversity and inclusion in the community. They work toward this by:

  • Creating content and organizing events

  • Supporting community-building and engagement activities

  • Supporting programs that build diversity & inclusion in FOSS communities

What they need: The D&I team needs:

  • Stuff

  • Other stuff

How to contact them:

Design team

What they do:

The Design team is Fedora’s in-house design agency. They provide arwork, UX, usability, and general design services to the Fedora project.

What they need: The Design team needs:

  • Things

  • More things

How to contact them:

  • IRC: #fedora-design on

  • Mailing list: design-team

What about other teams?

If the teams above aren’t a good fit for someone you’re talking to, there are a few other resources:

These resources are not actively updated at the moment, so the information may be out-of-date.