Spins keepalive SOP

This document outlines procedures for the Spins keepalive process. This process was approved by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee to ensure that Spins and Labs are actively maintained.


The process begins two weeks before the Self-Contained Change proposal deadline.


Ticket creation

The first step is to create keepalive tickets for each Spin/Lab. Create these in the schedule repo.

  1. Click the New issue button

  2. Set <Spin/Lab name> keepalive as the issue title

  3. Use <@maintainer ID(s)> FESCo [approved a requirement](https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/1972) that Spin/Labs owners send keepalive request in order to keep building the spin or lab. Please confirm that you want the <Spin/Lab name> to continue for Fedora Linux <release> as the comment.

  4. Apply the spins keepalive tag.

  5. Click Create Issue

Ignore the Test Days spin. It’s useful to QA, but we don’t release it publicly.

Next, send an email to the devel-announce and spins mailing lists (update the date and release):

FESco previously approved a requirement that Spin/Labs owners send a
keepalive request in order to keep building the spin or lab. I have
opened Pagure issues[1] for all Spins and Labs for this release[2].

If you are the owner of one of those spins and labs, please reply in
the appropriate ticket by <DATE>> to indicate the spin should
continue to be produced. If there is a spin or lab that does not have
an open ticket, please create one[3].

The reasoning for this is to not ship spins that are not actively
maintained. Future improvements to the release process that will allow
for teams to self-publish solutions will eventually remove the need
for these keepalives.

[1] https://pagure.io/fedora-pgm/schedule/issues?status=Open&tags=spins+keepalive
[2] https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/releases/f<RELEASE>/spins/
[3] https://pagure.io/fedora-pgm/schedule/new_issue

You may choose to nudge maintainers after a week.


At the deadline, send an email to the devel-announce and spins mailing lists with a list of spins that have not been kept alive.

The following Spins/Labs maintainers have not indicated they wish to
continue producing the deliverables for the upcoming release. Any
that have not been adopted in one week will be dropped.

* <list of Spins/Labs>

One week after deadline

If there are still Spins/Labs that have not been adopted or had the current maintainer send a keepalive,

  1. Open a Release Engineering issue to have those deliverables removed.

  2. Open a Websites issue to remove the deliverables from the website for the release.

Submit the removal ticket before branch day so that the images are never produced for that release.