Other PgM repositories

In addition to the PgM team repository, there are several other repositories used by the PgM team. These grew organically, so what made sense a few years ago may not make sense now. If you think there are changes to make, propose them.

  • pgm_docs. The documentation (like this page!) published to docs.fedoraproject.org.

  • pgm_communication. Source files for a variety of non-docs communications. This includes the weekly Friday’s Fedora Facts on the Community Blog and scripts for the weekly FPgM office hours and Prioritized Bugs meetings.

  • pgm_scripts. Scripts for wrangling changes, doing Bugzilla housekeeping, etc. Primarily this means parsing the wiki pages and creating new Bugzillas.

  • schedule. Tooling for managing the release schedule.

  • elections-interviews. The issues are used for elections interviews. This is handled by the FPgM and FCAIC, but it exists in the fedora-pgm namespace, so don’t be surprised by it.