Adding Contributors

A contributor must have a FAS account before starting. Once they do, editors should help them get necessary access to join the team.

The editor needs to be a member of the "admin" group in the Taiga team to complete this step.

Adding to Taiga

Ask the contributor to login to the Taiga instance, using the OpenID option and their FAS account username and password.

Find the user’s email address. If you don’t have that, you can find it through their contribution in the Magazine; their username there is also their FAS username. In Freenode IRC you can use this command:

/msg zodbot fasinfo <fasusername>

Go to the Taiga instance and in the Magazine project, go to Admin > Members in the navigation bar, and use the control to add a New Member. Enter the new contributor’s FAS email address.

Once added, provide the appropriate role, which is usually Writer for a new contributor.

Now you can assign the new user to Taiga cards as well, and they’ll receive notifications as appropriate.