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Almost all of them.


Introduce sysadmins to fedmsg tools and config


fedmsg is a system that links together most of our webapps and services into a message mesh or net (often called a "bus"). It is built on top of the zeromq messaging library.

fedmsg has its own developer documentation that is a good place to check if this or other SOPs don’t provide enough information - http://fedmsg.rtfd.org


Generally, fedmsg-tail and fedmsg-logger are the two most commonly used tools for debugging and testing. To see if bus-connectivity exists between two machines, log onto each of them and run the following on the first:

$ echo testing from $(hostname) | fedmsg-logger

And run the following on the second:

$ fedmsg-tail --really-pretty


fedmsg configuration lives in /etc/fedmsg.d/

/etc/fedmsg.d/endpoints.py keeps the list of every possible fedmsg endpoint. It acts as a global index that defines the bus.

See https://fedmsg.readthedocs.org/en/stable/configuration/ for a full glossary of configuration values.


fedmsg daemons keep their logs in /var/log/fedmsg. fedmsg message hooks in existing apps (like bodhi) will log any errors to the logs of the app they’ve been added to (like /var/log/httpd/error_log).