FTBFS means "Fails To Build From Source".


After every mass rebuild, we file FTBFS bugs for the packages that failed to build during mass rebuild.

This should be run after the mass rebuild builds are merged into main tag.


The FTBFS bugs are filed in bugzilla.

  1. Create a bugzilla bug for FTBFS:

  2. Set alias for RAWHIDEFTBFS:

    • remove RAWHIDEFTBFS alias from the previous FTBFS bugzilla

    • set RAWHIDEFTBFS alias on the new rawhide version FTBFS bugzilla

    • set the alias on RAWHIDEFailsToInstall bugzilla in same fashion

  3. Install python-bugzilla-cli on your local machine if its not installed:

    $ sudo dnf install python-bugzilla-cli
  4. Update the

    • epoch

    • buildtag

    • destag

    • tracking_bug

    Most of these values are already updated during mass rebuild, only one that might need updating is tracking_bug.
  5. Update the

    • rebuildid

  6. Login into bugzilla in the terminal using bugzilla login command:

    $ bugzilla login
    Login as
  7. Run locally:

    $ python