Fedora Websites Revamp Stakeholders Team

Welcome to the official documentation for the Fedora Websites Revamp Stakeholders Team.

Points of contact


The team looks into designing aesthetics, making the style guide, planning the website strategy and deciding the tech stack for delivering Fedora Linux offerings website.


  1. Multiple contributors from Design team, Server WG, Workstation WG, Kinoite subteam, Fedora Infra subteam, NeuroFedora SIG etc. have been participating in discussions over at the chatroom.

  2. Members from the design team have been continually instrumental in coming up with various mockups and improving upon them by getting reviews from within the team and the outer community (Discussion fp.o)

  3. Design team representative, Mairin Duffy had been mentoring a set of interns, Emma Kidney and Jess Chitas as well with her endeavours of creating mockups for the Fedora Linux websites.

  4. Planning and updates are now recorded in a GitLab subgroup - the creation of which was pursued by the members of this team, contributors from Fedora Infra and those from the Community Platform Engineering team.

  5. Meetings have been organized by Pawel Zelawski and attended by the members periodically to catch up on the progress, perform stakeholders reviews and plan on the next tasks.

  6. With active representation in the events like Nest With Fedora and Fedora Linux Release Parties, the team had been reaching out to garner more feedback on the work done so far and acquire contributors for assistance.