Configure the Local Storage Operator


For installation instructions visit the official docs at: [1]. The CentOS CI SOP at [2] also has more context but it is now slightly dated.

  • From the webconsole, click on the Operators option, then OperatorHub

  • Search for Local Storage

  • Click install

  • Make sure the Update Channel matches the major.minor version of your OCP4 install

  • Choose A specific namespace on this cluster

  • Choose Operator recommended namespace

  • Update approval set to automatic

  • Click install


A prerequisite to this step is to have all volumes on the nodes already formatted and available prior to this step. This can be done via a machineconfig/ignition file during installation time, or alternatively SSH onto the boxes and manually create / format the volumes.

  • Create a LocalVolumeDiscovery and configured it to target the disks on all nodes

  • When that process is complete, it creates LocalVolumeDiscoveryResult objects which you can search the type for, then examine to see if it has found the correct disks and if they are showing as available.

  • Create a LocalVolumeSet: name local-block storage class local-block type all, devicetypes disk, part, filter disks by, choose the selected nodes worker01-03, volume mode block. Create.

  • After a period of time check the newly created LocalVolumeSet local-block object’s yaml definition, it should show the correct number of volumes listed in the totalProvisionedDeviceCount field.