This page lists the communication channels of members of the Modularity Working Group (Modularity WG), related projects and also how you can contribute to the project.


There are two main communication channels the Modularity WG uses:

IRC channel #fedora-devel on Libera.Chat

Most of the discussions happen on this IRC channel. mailing list

The Modularity WG doesn’t have a dedicated mailing list. Instead, the Fedora Devel mailing list is used time to time for more complex decisions or announcements.

Related channels:

The Server SIG also discusses Modularity at times as the Server Edition is a primary stakeholder in the goals of the Modularity Objective.

Working Groups and Teams

Modularity is driven by the Modularity and DNF team.

However, Modularity couldn’t happen without other working groups contributing a significant portion of effort into it, i.e.:

Reporting Issues

General issues such as bugs or feature requests for the Modularity project can be created by anyone in the General Modularity issue tracker. This issue tracker is then processed by the team and new issues or even issues against other projects may be created as a result.

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