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这篇指南将介绍 Fedora 的安装流程。我们将指导你在你的台式机、笔记本和服务器上安装 Fedora。也许你不怎么了解 Linux 或者计算机网络,但不用担心,Fedora 的安装流程是非常友好的,只需简单的几个操作,你就可以得到一个开源软件组成的,包含了生产力应用、网络工具和桌面软件的操作系统。



关于 Fedora

To find out more about Fedora, visit the Fedora Project Website. Other documentation describing additional topics related to Fedora is available at Fedora Documentation. Also see the Fedora Project Wiki.


如果你遇到了文档没有覆盖到的问题,你可以从社区那里获取答案,例如 Ask Fedora 网站、邮件列表、论坛、IRC 等等。你可以从 Fedora 维基的 这个页面 了解到更多信息。



This guide helps a reader:

  • Understand how to locate the Fedora distribution online

  • Create configuration data that allows a computer to boot Fedora

  • Understand and interact with the Fedora installation program

  • Complete basic post-installation configuration of a Fedora system

This guide does not cover use of Fedora. To learn how to use an installed Fedora system, see the other manuals available at Fedora Documentation.


This guide is intended for Fedora users of all levels of experience. However, it describes the installation process and its many options in far greater detail than most users are likely to require. You do not need to read and understand this entire document to install Fedora on a computer. This document is most likely to help experienced users perform advanced and unusual installations.