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Fedora 文档团队 Version F37 Last review: 2022-11-15

本手册解释了如何在 64 位 AMD、Intel 和 Arm SystemReady 机器上安装 Fedora。该指南及其有关不同变体的进一步详细指南适用于各种经验水平的用户。但是,它描述了安装过程及其许多选项,其详细程度远远超过大多数用户可能需要的内容。这应该可以帮助新用户在不中断的情况下完成安装过程。用户可以跳过有关熟悉主题的部分。


这篇指南将介绍 Fedora 的安装流程。我们将指导你在你的台式机、笔记本和服务器上安装 Fedora。也许你不怎么了解 Linux 或者计算机网络,但不用担心,Fedora 的安装流程是非常友好的,只需简单的几个操作,你就可以得到一个开源软件组成的,包含了生产力应用、网络工具和桌面软件的操作系统。

Fedora 在几个为特殊目的量身定制的分发项目中提供。我们称之为*版本*和*spin*。


大多数版本和 spin,但不是全部,都使用 Fedora 安装程序 Anaconda,但方式在细节上完全不同。

因此,每个版本都会有特定的安装过程。大多数发行版都是基于 Fedora Workstation,并使用相应的安装程序进行安装。


Fedora 各变体及其安装方法

Fedora Workstation 版本

这一变体通过 Live CD 进行安装


Fedora Workstation 变体

大多数变体均可通过 Live CD 进行安装。


Fedora Server 版




Fedora 物联网版




Fedora CoreOS

A minimal, container-focused operating system, designed for clusters but also operable standalone. The project provides a Getting Started guide.

Fedora Silverblue

An immutable desktop variant of Fedora Workstation Edition, featuring the Gnome desktop, and an excellent platform for container-focused workflows.

Fedora Kinoite

An immutable desktop variant of Fedora Workstation Edition, featuring the KDE desktop, and an excellent platform for container-focused workflows.

Fedora Cloud (upcoming edition)

As the name indicates, it focuses on Fedora on cloud networks. Installation and usage follows the respective cloud systems.

Fedora 实验室

Curated bundles of purpose-driven software, maintained by community members. The respective compilations are either installed as independent, complete Fedora versions or complement existing Fedora installations.

According to different usage und purposes the variation not only differ in their installation process, they differ in administration and usage. To learn how to use an installed Fedora system, see the manuals available at the specific variant documentation pages.

Regarding installation, be especially prepared for the fact that each variant requires additional post-installation processes.

General preparations

Despite all the differentiation, some things are the same for all variants.

Download the software deliverables

The differentiation according to tasks and areas of application corresponds to a differentiation of the download options and the further processing.

To find out more about Fedora download options, see Downloading Fedora.

Visit the Fedora Project downloads site to download a distribution file.

Prepare boot media

An install on hardware usually requires to transfer the download file to a bootable medium, mostly an USB stick. Fedora Media Writer is an appropriate tool.

Alternatively you may try balenaEtcher or the Ventoy project, both available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. The latter is specifically usefull if you want to have several distributions and versions available on one stick.


If you encounter any problems which are not described in documentation, you might get help from members of the community - developers, users, and others. There are many ways to get help: the Ask Fedora website, mailing lists, forums, or IRC.

The discussion forum askfedora is the recommended way to start with. See Getting help for detailed information.