Account Deletion SOP

For the most part we do not delete accounts. In the case that a deletion is paramount, it will need to be coordinated with appropriate entities.

Disabling accounts is another story but is limited to those with the appropriate privileges. Reasons for accounts to be disabled can be one of the following:

  • Person has placed SPAM on the wiki or other sites.

  • It is seen that the account has been compromised by a third party.

  • A person wishes to leave the Fedora Project and wants the account disabled.



Disabling accounts is the easiest to accomplish as it just blocks people from using their account. It does not remove the account name and associated UID so we don’t have to worry about future, unintentional collisions.

Disable Accounts

To begin with, accounts should not be disabled until there is a ticket in the Infrastructure ticketing system. After that the contents inside the ticket need to be verified (to make sure people aren’t playing pranks or someone is in a crappy mood). This needs to be logged in the ticket (who looked, what they saw, etc). Then the account can be disabled.:

Login to
ipa user-disable LOGIN

You can also use the ipa web ui.


For renames, we ask users to create a new account and simply get re-added to all the groups they were in in the past. There’s some discussion about allowing renames in noggin, but it’s not currently implemented.

Delete or GDPR requests

Users making GDPR delete or personal data requests should file a ticket at for processing. Thats out of the scope of this SOP.