datanommer SOP

Consume fedmsg bus activity and stuff it in a postgresql db.

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Messaging SIG, Fedora Infrastructure Team


#fedora-apps, #fedora-fedmsg, #fedora-admin, #fedora-noc




Save fedmsg bus activity


datanommer is a set of three modules:


Schema definition and API for storing new items and querying existing items


A plugin for the fedmsg-hub that actively listens to the bus and stores events.


A set of CLI tools for querying the DB.

datanommer will one day serve as a backend for future web services like datagrepper and dataviewer.

CLI tools

Dump the db into a file as json:

$ datanommer-dump > datanommer-dump.json

When was the last bodhi message?:

$ # It was 678 seconds ago
$ datanommer-latest --category bodhi --timesince

When was the last bodhi message in more readable terms?:

$ # It was 12 minutes and 43 seconds ago
$ datanommer-latest --category bodhi --timesince --human

What was that last bodhi message?:

$ datanommer-latest --category bodhi
[{"bodhi": {
  "topic": "org.fedoraproject.stg.bodhi.update.comment",
  "msg": {
    "comment": {
      "group": null,
      "author": "ralph",
      "text": "Testing for latest datanommer.",
      "karma": 0,
      "anonymous": false,
      "timestamp": 1360349639.0,
      "update_title": "xmonad-0.10-10.fc17"
    "agent": "ralph"

Show me stats on datanommer messages by topic:

$ datanommer-stats --topic has 10 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.logger.log has 76 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.bodhi.update.comment has 5 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.busmon.colorized-messages has 10 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.fas.user.update has 10 entries has 106 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.fas.user.create has 3 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.bodhitest.testing has 4 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.fedoratagger.tag.create has 9 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.fedoratagger.user.rank.update has 5 entries has 1 entries has 6 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.fedoratagger.tag.update has 1 entries has 17 entries
org.fedoraproject.stg.__main__.testing has 1 entries

Upgrading the DB Schema

datanommer uses "python-alembic" to manage its schema. When developers want to add new columns or features, these should/must be tracked in alembic and shipped with the RPM.

In order to run upgrades on our stg/prod dbs:

  1. ssh to busgateway01\{.stg}

  2. cd /usr/share/datanommer.models/

  3. Run:

    $ alembic upgrade +1

Over and over again until the db is fully upgraded.