Changes SOP

This document describes the process of handling Changes. Most activities are split to individual files for easier reading.


Timing varies by specific procedure.


Announce proposals

Submit proposals to FESCo

Process proposals

Evaluate contingency plans

Defer Changes

Drop Changes

Completing Changes

See the Release Day SOP.

Update ChangeSet page

After processing approved or deferred Changes, and regularly throughout the late part of the release cycle, update the wiki page listing that release’s approved Changes.

  1. Process the status with the scripts

    1. Run make version=<NN> type=<SystemWide|SelfContained> build to download and parse the wiki pages. This includes a check of the current status of the tracker bugs in Bugzilla

  2. Copy the content of the ChangesList file

  3. Paste it into the appropriate section of the Release/F<NN>/ChangeSet page in the wiki