Torrent Releases Infrastructure SOP is our master torrent server for Fedora distribution. It runs out of ibiblio.

Contact Information


Fedora Infrastructure Team


#fedora-admin, sysadmin-torrent group





Provides the torrent master server for Fedora distribution

Torrent Release

When you want to add a new torrent to the tracker at you need to take the following steps to have it listed correctly:

  1. login to If you are unable to do so please contact the fedora infrastructure group about access. This procedure requires membership in the torrentadmin group.

  2. Change the group ID to torrentadmin

    newgrp torrentadmin
  3. Remove everything from the working directory /srv/torrent/new/fedora/

    rm -r /srv/torrent/new/fedora/*
  4. rsync all the iso’s from ibiblio

    rsync -avhHP4 rsync://<Version>_<Release>/*/*/iso/ /srv/torrent/new/fedora/
  5. cd into /srv/torrent/new/fedora/ to change the directory structure

    cd /srv/torrent/new/fedora/
  6. Directories should be created by removing Label in the iso’s name

    for iso in $(ls *iso); do dest=$(echo $iso|sed -e 's|-<Label>.iso||g' ); mkdir $dest; mv $iso $dest; done
  7. Verify that the checksums files are all signed.

    cat *CHECKSUM*
  8. Copy the checksum’s into the associated directories

    for checksum in $(ls *CHECKSUM); do for file in $(cat $checksum | grep "SHA256 (" | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e 's/(\|)//g' | awk -F'-<Label>' '{print $1}'); do cp $checksum $file ; done; done
  9. Verify if all the checksums are copied into the right locations

    ls */
  10. Remove the manifest files and checksums for netinst (since we dont mirror netinst images) and other files (This includes currently the workstation osbuild iso)

    rm -rf *manifest *netinst* *CHECKSUM
  11. Run the maketorrent script from /srv/torrent/new/fedora/

    ../maketorrent *

    Next steps should be run 12 hours before the release time which is generally 14:00 UTC on Tuesday.

  12. Grab from releng scripts and change it to executable

    cd ~
    chmod 755 ~/
  13. Run the following command from /srv/torrent/new/fedora/

    ~/ <Version>_<Release> <Current_Date> > <Version>_<Release>.ini
  14. Copy all the torrents to /srv/web/torrents/

    cp *torrent /srv/web/torrents/
  15. Copy everything in /srv/torrent/new/fedora/ to /srv/torrent/btholding/

    cp -rl * /srv/torrent/btholding/
  16. Copy the .ini file created in step 12 to /srv/torrent/torrent-generator/

    sudo cp <Version>_<Release>.ini /srv/torrent/torrent-generator/
  17. Restart rtorrent and opentracker services

    systemctl restart opentracker-ipv4 opentracker-ipv6
    sudo -i
    tmux (or tmux attach if the session is already running, generally named att)
    control-q if rtorrent is already running.
    cd /srv/torrent/btholding
    rtorrent *.torrent
    control-b d (disconnect from tmux)

Release is empty for Final release

For final release, remove all the alpha and beta directories and torrent files corresponding to the release in /srv/torrent/btholding/ directory.

At EOL of a release, remove all the directories and torrent files corresponding to the release in /srv/torrent/btholding/ directory.

If Failure reason "Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker." issue is thrown by rtorrent, then restart the opentracker-ipv4 and opentracker-ipv6 services