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Zodbot is a supybot based irc bot that we use in our #fedora channels.

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Provides our IRC bot


Zodbot is a supybot based irc bot that we use in our #fedora channels. It runs on value01 as the daemon user. We do not manage the zodbot.conf because supybot makes changes to it on its own. Therefore it gets backed up and is treated as data.


killall supybot

cd /srv/web/meetbot
# zodbot current needs to be started in the meetbot directory.
# This requirement will go away in a later meetbot
sudo -u daemon supybot -d /var/lib/zodbot/conf/zodbot.conf

Startup issues

If the bot won’t connect, with an error like:

"Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable"

found in /var/lib/zodbot/logs/messages.log, hop on libera.chat (with your own IRC client) and do the following:

/msg nickserv release zodbot [the password]

The password can be found on the bot’s host in /var/lib/zodbot/conf/zodbot.conf

This should allow the bot to connect again.

Processing interrupted meeting logs

zodbot forgets about meetings if they are in progress when the bot goes down; therefore, the meetings never get processed. Users may request a ticket in our Trac instance to have meeting logs processed.

Trac tickets for meeting log processing should consist of a URL where zodbot had saved the log so far and an uploaded file containing the rest of the log. The logs are stored in /srv/web/meetbot. Append the remainder of the log uploaded to Trac (don’t worry too much about formatting; meeting.py works well with irssi- and XChat-like logs), then run:

sudo python /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/supybot/plugins/MeetBot/meeting.py replay /path/to/fixed.log.txt

Close the Trac ticket, letting the user know that the logs are processed in the same directory as the URL they gave you.

Becoming an admin

Register with zodbot on IRC.:

/msg zodbot misc help register

You have to identify to the bot to do any admin type commands, and you need to have done so before anyone can give you privs.

After doing this, ask in #fedora-admin on IRC and someone will grant you privs if you need them. You’ll likely be added to the admin group, which has the following capabilities (the below snippet is from an IRC log illustrating how to get the list of capabilities).

21:57 < nirik> .list admin
21:57 < zodbot> nirik: capability add, capability remove, channels, ignore add,
ignore list, ignore remove, join, nick, and part