Dashboard reporting guide

This document gives guidance on how to write status updates for the Fedora Project dashboard. If you have questions, contact the Fedora Program Manager (FPgM).

Update process

Each area should provide updates by editing the file of the same name in the status_reports repository. Updates should be made at a reasonable frequency for the area. Work with the FPgM to determine this frequency for your area.

General guidance

The file for each status area should include the following information:

  • Green/Yellow/Red status indicator (see Status colors below)

  • Point of contact (name and email or FAS ID)

  • Link to more information

  • Date of most recent update

  • Status details (see Status details below)

Updates can happen as frequently as desired. Each area should have a minimum update frequency that makes sense for the area. This can be worked out with the FPgM.

Status colors

The "stoplight" indicator is the most important part of the update, because this lets the Fedora Council and the broader community know the overall health of the area. All areas have three possible status designations: On Track (Green), At Risk (Yellow), and Off Track (Red).

On Track

The area is performing as expected. It is on track to meet its goals, milestones, deliverables, or plans. There are no un-managed risks and no areas where the Fedora Council needs to provide assistance.

At Risk

Some risks exist to the area’s goals, milestones, deliverables, or plans. The Fedora Council may need to provide assistance or at least pay closer attention to the area.

Off Track

The area has serious risk of not meeting its goals, milestones, deliverables, or plans. This also applies to areas that have become dysfunctional due to lack of resources or other inability to make progress. The Fedora Council needs to provide assistance to get the area back on track.

Status details

The status details section provides additional information to support the status color. The information here is also used to provide detail for the monthly update on the Fedora Community Blog. The type of information included in this section depends on the color.

When the area is On Track (green), this area may be brief or even empty. Ideas to include are: recent releases, hackfests, or other notable accomplishments. If the last update was At Risk or Off Track, explain why it has moved to On Track.

When the area is At Risk (yellow), the status details should indicate why the area is at risk and what is being done to address it. If there are specific actions needed from the Fedora Council, indicate what those are with a link to the Council ticket. Include recent accomplishments like releases, hackfests, etc.

When the area is Off Track (red), the status details should indicate why the area is off track and what is being done to address it. Off track areas should have an open Council ticket that indicates what the Council needs to do to help the area.