Projects Using Fedora CoreOS

This a list of projects that are actively using Fedora CoreOS:

  • Podman Machine uses Fedora CoreOS to run containers in a local environment (notably including Windows and macOS), and also has a podman machine os command that allows customization of Fedora CoreOS in a container-native way.

  • OKD is the Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. By default, Fedora CoreOS is the underlying OS used by the control plane nodes and the worker nodes.

  • Typhoon is a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution. Users of Typhoon have the option of using Fedora CoreOS as the underlying OS for their nodes.

  • OpenStack Magnum is an OpenStack API service developed by the OpenStack Containers Team making container orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos available as first class resources in OpenStack. Fedora CoreOS is used as the underlying OS for nodes that are provisioned via Magnum.

  • oVirt supports booting Fedora CoreOS nodes and has native support for Ignition configurations.

  • is using Fedora CoreOS in production to handle the job of building containers for their users.