Fedora Ambassadors


Fedora Ambassadors are representatives of the Fedora Project. Ambassadors ensure the public understand Fedora Project’s principles and the community’s work. Additionally, Ambassadors are responsible for helping to grow the contributor base and to act as a liaison between other FLOSS projects and the Fedora community. You can still represent Fedora in public without being an Ambassador. In this case, you are a Fedora Advocate Ambassadors give a face and a name to Fedora. Fedora can be big and scary, but Ambassadors will help make sure that one person finds their way through all the confusion into the place where they can contribute. Ambassadors are the glue. They help connect different people in different parts of the Project because they always deal with people whose interests are diverse.


The primary responsibility of Ambassadors is to ensure the Fedora updates are being broadcasted to the public and collect feedback from users and contributors. Ambassadors should share their input at the Mindshare Committee through their representative there.

  • Organize Fedora’s participation at events (sessions, info booths, hand out swag, etc.)

  • Onboard new contributors and users

  • Organize release parties and install fests

  • Talk about the Fedora Four Foundations

  • Regularly check up on other Ambassadors to ensure others are doing good and provide assistance

  • Promote FLOSS and open source projects

  • Demonstrate Fedora and other open source projects to the public

  • Promote Fedora at local user groups with talks etc.