ELN Branches

Whenever possible, ELN work should be done in the Fedora rawhide branches. But sometimes ELN work needs to be done in an Fedora eln branch. Here are the steps for making that happen.

Step 1: Request Permission

To prevent a large amount of unmaintained ELN branches as well as to ensure that ELN’s automation does not continue to overwrite changes with builds from the Rawhide branch, the ELN SIG must approve each request for a branch.

To request permission, create an ELN Issue.

Be sure to include why you need an eln branch, as well as who will be maintaining the eln branch.

Step 2: Create Branch

You ARE the Fedora maintainer

If you are a Fedora maintainer of the package needing a branch, then the next step if fairly simple.

fedpkg request-branch eln --sl rawhide:2099-12-01 --repo <package>

You ARE NOT the Fedora maintainer

If you are not a Fedora maintainer for the package then you need to ask one of the Fedora maintainers to create an ELN branch.

If you want to follow the formal route for requesting a branch, then open a bugzilla ticket for the package.

Bugzilla fields for an ELN branch request (alternative)
  • Classification: Fedora

  • Product: Fedora

  • Component: <package>

  • Version: rawhide

  • Summary: Please branch <package> in eln

Clear out Description and put

Please branch <package> in eln

fedpkg request-branch eln --sl rawhide:2099-12-01 --repo <package>

I will be maintaining the eln branch.

If you do not think you will be able to do this in a timely manner
and/or would like me to be a co-maintainer, please add me (FAS <your FAS Id>)
as a co-maintaine through https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/<package>/adduser

Step 3: Maintain Branch

After your branch has been created, remember that the ELN branch is your responsibility. Do not create the branch, build it once, and then never touch the branch again.

If you decide that you no longer need the ELN branch Do not retire the branch. You must tell the ELN SIG. The ELN SIG will need to change configurations as well as retire the branch properly.