Kerneltest-harness SOP

The kerneltest-harness is the web application used to gather and present statistics about kernel test results.

Contact Information


Fedora Infrastructure Team





kerneltest01, kerneltest01.stg


Provide a system to gather and present kernel tests results

Add a new Fedora release

  • Login

  • On the front page, in the menu on the left side, if there is a Fedora Rawhide release, click on (edit).

  • Bump the Release number on Fedora Rawhide to avoid conflicts with the new release you’re creating

  • Back on the index page, click on New release

  • Complete the form:

    • Release number

      This would be the integer version of the Fedora release, for example 24 for Fedora 24.

    • Support

      The current status of the Fedora release

      • Rawhide for Fedora Rawhide

      • Test for branched release

      • Release for released Fedora

      • Retired for retired release of Fedora

Upload new test results

The kernel tests are available on the kernel-tests git repository.

Once ran with, you can upload the resulting file either using or the UI.

If you choose the UI the steps are simply:

  • Login

  • Click on Upload in the main menu on the top

  • Select the result file generated by running the tests

  • Submit