About the team

In 2017 the Fedora Engineering team merged with the CentOS Engineering team to form what is now called the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team.

For the team members, the day to day work did not change much.

The members working on Fedora are still fully dedicated to work on the Fedora Project, and those working on CentOS are still fully dedicated to CentOS. On both projects its members are involved in infrastructure, release engineering, and design. However, it brought the two infrastructures and teams closer to each other, allowing for more collaboration between them.

There are 22 people on this consolidated team. The breakdown looks like this:

  • In Fedora:

    • 3 dedicated system administrators

    • 7 dedicated developers

    • 2 release engineers

    • 1 person dedicated to documentation

    • 1 designer

  • In CentOS:

    • 3 system administrators

    • 4 developers

    • 1 dedicated to the build systems

  • There is also two Red Hat Interns working with us.

  • The team is also helped and coordinated by:

    • 3 people managers

    • 1 project owner

    • 1 agile practitioner

As you can see, the team is both quite diverse as well as limited. For example, we do not have dedicated database administrators or network engineers, even though most of our application is one or the other when not both.

For these reasons we need to be careful on how our limited resources are spent. The team has therefore defined a Mission Statement for itself, allowing to focus its work in certain areas.

We have also written a document explaining How to work with us for small and large tasks. Following this document makes it easier for us to help you.