Engineering Teams

  • Fedora Engineering Steering Committee — FESCo is the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. It is a fully community elected body and represents the technical leadership in Fedora.

  • Fedora Modularity — Modularity introduces an optional Modular repository that provides additional versions of software on independent lifecycles.

  • Fedora Containers — Here you will find Documentation and Guidelines regarding creation, usage and maintainance of Containers in Fedora.

  • NeuroFedora — NeuroFedora is an initiative to provide a ready to use Fedora based Free/Open source software platform for neuroscience.

  • Fedora Teleirc SIG — The Teleirc SIG is a volunteer-driven group to manage Teleirc bridge bots.

  • Fedora CI — Fedora Continuous Integration Portal

  • Fedora Infrastructure 🔗 — Documentation covering the development and administration of the many projects that make Fedora work.

  • Fedora Minimization Objective — Home of the Fedora Minimization Objective.

  • Fedora QA — This docs outlines all the activities you can get involved in to help with Fedora QA (Quality Assurance) and is meant to guide you through the QA ecosystem.

Other Engineering Resources