¡Enhorabuena! Congratulations! Es el nuevo Administrador de Programas de Fedora. Si es nuevo en Red Hat, en la Comunidad Fedora o en ambos, hay mucho que aprender. Aquí una lista de las cosas que necesitará para empezar:

Cuenta del Sistema Fedora (FAS)

You can’t do much of anything in Fedora without this. Visit the account signup page to create an account. If you already have one from your previous work with Fedora, then you’re all set.

FAS Groups

  • elections — Used to manage the elections.

  • council — Grants access to Council-related things

  • gitfedora-project-schedule — Grants access to the schedule project on fedorapeople.org

Mailing lists

Community mailing lists

Some you can self-subscribe to, others you will need to be added to. You can join as many lists as you’d like, but at a minimum you should have these.

Red Hat mailing lists

Pagure groups

Other tools

  • Smartsheet — This is where the scheduling magic happens

  • Product Pages admin access — This is the Red Hat internal tracking tool for products. To request access, fill out the PLM+ACI Google Form (Red Hat only)

  • Bugzilla — You will also need to request membership in the editcomponents group so that you can modify the Fedora component as needed.

More Red Hat internal setup information is in the Engineering Program Management Guide.