Prioritized Bugs

The Prioritized Bugs process is designed to get attention for issues that are not blockers, but are still high-impact or high-visibility. The criteria are intentionally subjective and we will drop bugs from the list if we can’t convince developers to make progress.

We run the meeting every two weeks. It is open to anyone, but in practice it’s usually the FPgM and FPL who attend. Send the nominated and open accepted bugs a day in advance to the triage (and optionally test and devel) mailing list.

On Fridays (or whatever day you prefer), it’s good to review the accepted Prioritized Bugs and make sure they’re not getting stale. See the process documentation for guidance on how to give nudges.

Invite the assignees of nominated and accepted bugs so they can provide input.
Remind the QA team and the devel mailing list that this process exists so that they can nominate bugs and participate in meetings.
If you keep the IRC script in the pgm_communication repo up-to-date, it will make it easier to prepare an agenda and keep status from meeting-to-meeting.