Discussing & Tracking Minimization

Instant messaging

IRC #fedora-devel at FreeNode is the default channel to discuss things live.

Mailing list

Fedora Devel mailing list. This list is used to discuss many other technical topic in Fedora, and therefore has a large audience. That’s why we use it to discuss larger topics that require broader attention.

Issue tracker

Minimization issue tracker on Pagure. The idea behind this tracker is to keep track of things we’re looking at or want to look at.

Fedora package changes

Tracker bug 1734342 in Bugzilla. We block this bug with other bugs that are relevant to the effort. That way we can see what’s going on.

Minimization is not completely centralized effort — work is happening (and is discussed and tracked) at many different places such as upstream issue trackers, mailing lists, forums, meetings, etc. Many of those referenced in in our Minimization issue tracker.