Fedora Classroom

The Fedora Classroom is a project to help people spread knowledge to others. We host a plethora of sessions on different subjects.


We are moving away from a live streaming to a recording based deliverly model. This helps us get the sessions to more people, and it helps us focus on the quality of the material instead of the technology involved.

Therefore, we are no longer bound by release cycle based calendar.

Recording sessions

Please refer to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ScreenCasting for information on tools that can be used to record sessions.

Badges for instructors

Community members that instruct sessions earn badges! These are awarded automatically for sessions that are held in #fedora-classroom IRC channel. For sessions that are held on other platforms, a ticket must be filed to award the badge manually.

Communicating with us

We are available via our mailing list.

We are also on the IRC at #fedora-classroom. We use the Pagure project to manage our tickets.

Help wanted

If you would like to help out the Fedora Classroom effort, we are currently looking for assistance in several areas.

Classroom etiquette

The purpose of the classroom is to provide instruction on a specific topic. As such, it is beneficial for classroom sessions to adhere to a certain standard. Please try to adhere to the following during sessions:

  • Keep in mind that classroom sessions may be logged

  • Adhere to teacher instructions regarding questions and input

  • Avoid unnecessary actions, nick changes and away messages

  • Avoid off-topic conversation

The point is to help maintain a classroom environment that promotes learning while avoiding extraneous content.

Teaching a class

If you would like to teach a class on any Fedora related topic, please mail an introduction of yourself and outline of your proposed class to the classroom mailing list. Some things to keep in mind:

  • We recommend sessions be approximately 90 minutes This allows for an hour long session and enough time for questions and answers.

  • Make sure you know your subject and know where to point students who wish more detailed information.

  • Note at the beginning of your class if you would like students to ask questions as you go, or would prefer them to wait until the end.

  • Remember that typing is slower than talking in front of a class or speaking on a phone call, so keep in mind you will not cover as much on IRC.

  • All teacher notes and class resources should be licensed as "CC 4.0 unported international license"

(Note: Check out The World Clock Meeting Planner for time zone syncing.)

Fedora Magazine Post

In order to write a magazine post announcing the fedora classroom, please follow the guidelines here: Magazine Template.