Two factor auth

Fedora Infrastructure has implemented a form of two factor auth for people who have sudo access on Fedora machines. In the future we may expand this to include more than sudo but this was deemed to be a high value, low hanging fruit.

Using two factor

To enroll a Yubikey, use the fedora-burn-yubikey script like normal. To enroll using FreeOTP or Google Authenticator, go to

What’s enough authentication?

FAS Password+FreeOTP or FAS Password+Yubikey Note: don’t actually enter a +, simple enter your FAS Password and press your yubikey or enter your FreeOTP code.

Administrating and troubleshooting two factor

Two factor auth is implemented by a modified copy of the project doing the authentication and pam_url submitting the authentication tokens.

totp-cgi runs on the fas servers (currently fas01.stg and fas01/fas02/fas03 in production), listening on port 8443 for pam_url requests.

FreeOTP, Google authenticator and yubikeys are supported as tokens to use with your password.

FreeOTP, Google authenticator:

FreeOTP application is preferred, however Google authenticator works as well. (Note that Google authenticator is not open source)

This is handled via totpcgi. There’s a command line tool to manage users, totpprov. See 'man totpprov' for more info. Admins can use this tool to revoke lost tokens (google authenticator only) with 'totpprov delete-user username'

To enroll using FreeOTP or Google Authenticator for production machines, go to

To enroll using FreeOTP or Google Authenticator for staging machines, go to

You’ll be prompted to login with your fas username and password.

Note that staging and production differ.


Yubikeys are enrolled and managed in FAS. Users can self-enroll using the fedora-burn-yubikey utility included in the fedora-packager package.

What do I do if I lose my token?

Send an email to that is encrypted/signed with your gpg key from FAS, or otherwise identifies you are you.

How to remove a token (so the user can re-enroll)?

First we MUST verify that the user is who they say they are, using any of the following:

  • Personal contact where the person can be verified by member of sysadmin-main.

  • Correct answers to security questions.

  • Email request to that is gpg encrypted by the key listed for the user in fas.


  1. For google authenticator,

    1. ssh into batcave01 as root

    2. ssh into

    3. $ oc project fas

    4. $ oc get pods

    5. $ oc rsh <pod> (Pick one of totpcgi pods from the above list)

    6. $ totpprov delete-user <username>

  2. For yubikey: login to one of the fas machines and run: /usr/local/bin/ username

The user can then go to and reprovision a new device.

If the user emails with the signed request, make sure to reply to all indicating that a reset was performed. This is so that other admins don’t step in and reset it again after its been reset once.