Release Day SOP

This document outlines the procedure for release day activities. Unless otherwise specified, it applies to both Beta and Final releases.

Release Day chat

Ensure the following people are in the Release Day chat channel:

  • You, as the Program Manager

  • A representative from the Infrastructure team with access to force a re-sync of web proxies

  • A representative from the Websites team

  • A representative from the Magazine team

  • A representative from the Docs team

  • The Fedora Project Leader

This channel is used to coordinate the last-minute checks before publishing the release announcements:

  • Websites are updated with the new release information:




  • Docs are updated with the new release information:

    • Release Notes

    • Quick Docs

  • Fedora Magazine posts

    • Release announcement

    • What’s new in FXX Workstation.

The "What’s new in FXX Workstation" needs to go out with the release announcement because GNOME Software expects the target link to exist.


Update product description

Adjust wording of the Fedora product in Bugzilla to reflect the new release.

Bugs related to the components of the Fedora Linux distribution. If you are reporting a
bug against a stable release or a branched pre-release version please select that
version number. The currently maintained released versions are: Fedora Linux N-2,
Fedora Linux N-1, and Fedora Linux N. If you have a bug to report against the daily
development tree (rawhide), please choose 'rawhide' as the version.

For more information about filing a bug against Fedora Linux packages, see

Close Changes Tracking bugs

Close all of the Changes Tracking bugs still open for the version with:

  • Status: CLOSED

  • Resolution: CURRENTRELEASE

  • Comment: Something to the effect of "F<VERSION> was released today, so I am closing this tracker. If this Change was not completed, please notify me ASAP."

Then close the FNNTracking bug.


  • Edit the ChangeSet page in the wiki to include a link to the release notes and take the table of contents off the top.

  • Update the Changes wiki page to move the release to the "Previous Releases" section.


Update the index.html page on the web view of the schedule to change the class of the release from "current" to "supported".


Update the Releases page (or really, the nav.adoc sidebar).

  • Move the link to the release’s index page from Upcoming to Supported.

  • Remove the additional pages nested under the release.

Product Pages

Set the current release to Maintenance status.