How do I get involved?

Want to be part of the Fedora Marketing Team? Here's how!
  • Are you willing to enhance Fedora Project marketing initiatives?

  • Have you tuned into any Fedora Marketing Team meetings?

  • Do you know the basics of GitLab?

If you said YES to one or more points above, you are at the right place! Our team always looks forward to working with folks from diverse backgrounds.

Ask us in our Matrix room how to join the team!

How you can contribute

Here are some examples of what constitutes a contribution to the Fedora Marketing Team:

  • Managing talking points for one or more editions, or parts of Fedora (a Fedora Edition, a major feature, etc.).

  • Writing a release announcement or contributing a large section to a release announcement.

    • Fixing a comma splice is not really a significant contribution. Managing a section on the Workstation Edition is.

  • Working to create one or more flyers or information sheets for an edition, Fedora overall, etc.

  • Substantial work helping clean up the Marketing docs.

  • Creating materials for Fedora Ambassadors for an event, or talking points for an event or events.

  • Any observable significant and useful contribution that moves Fedora Marketing forward during a release cycle.

  • Mentor and bring in new contributors to marketing.

We grant membership to anyone who invests in teaching other people the ropes, even if that means their impact is not as visible on the finished product as if they did the work themselves.

A good recommendation for beginners is to familiarize yourself with the the tools we use in order to help with a particular kind of work.

Join our meetings

  • Meetings will be held once every two weeks. Check the Marketing Calendar for updated meeting times.

    • Video Meetings on Jitsi;

    • Recorded and posted on PeerTube

    • Audio and Video is not required to join the meeting (you can always use the chat for input)

  • Meeting Notes:

Have ideas for social media posts?

  • Open a ticket on our Gitlab:

    • Issue name must include Month/Day then title of Social Media post

      • EX: 10/29 EPEL Campaign Post

    • The ticket Description:

      • Purpose of ticket

      • Any art ideas for the post

      • Potential Caption idea

Feedback from official Fedora Marketing Team members must be provided before accepted to post.

Want to help with videos?